Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees & 40+ Events

Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees at 40+ Events - Learn More

Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees, 400+ Presentations, 15+ Trainings across 40+ Open Source Events - Learn More


Open Camps features a mix of events focused on today's most impacful open source technologies and communities.

Agency Camp
AI Camp
Android Camp
Angular Camp
Apps Camp
AR/VR Camp
Bio Tech Camp
Blockchain Camp
Capital Camp
Civic Camp
Commerce Camp
Community Camp
Container Camp
Database Camp
Data Viz Camp
Design Camp
Dev Ops Camp
Diversity Camp
Drupal Camp
Ed Tech Camp
Elixir Camp
Ember Camp
Erlang Camp
Frontend Camp
Go Camp
Gov Camp
Hack for Humanity
IOT Camp
Joomla Camp
Kubernetes Camp
Library Camp
Maker Camp
Maps Camp
Media/DigiPub Camp
Nerves Camp
.NET Camp
Node Camp 2017
Phoenix Camp
Python Camp
Rails unCamp
React Camp
Security Camp
Startup Camp
Swift Camp
Web Perf Camp
Women in OS