About Open Camps

100% Mission Driven

An Open Source Conference for Everyone

Open Camps' mission is to foster greater contribution to, collaboration among and adoption of open source technologies.

We started Open Camps in order to help create the sort of conference & world we want for future generations. All Open Camps events are free to attend or involve a nominal ticket fee/suggested donation, which is waived upon request in order to ensure that Open Camps events are 'open to all'.

We also appreciate the support of the multiple open source communities and the UN's Open Source Innovation Initiative (Unite Open Source), whose effort the past several years helped make Open Camps possible.

Conference Program

A Global Open Source Gathering

Open Camps aims to provide a mission-driven arena for open source leaders to help share their mission and engage with developers and community members.

In recent years, Open Camps has emerged to provide a global stage that's open to all, and committed to ensuring there are no barriers between the world's most impactful open source developers, technologies and organizations.

Open Camps is created by open source developers & community members for one another. We aim to provide thorough coverage of most major open source software, but please reach out if you have suggestions for other technologies.

Special Initiatives

Open Source Collaborating for Good

In addition to fostering open source innovation and collaboration, Open Camps also includes multiple initiatives with a social & humanitarian focus.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Camp: Striving for greater diversity in open source communities
  • Hack for Humanity: Striving for greater diversity in open source communities
  • Next Gen Camp: A mission-driven open source conference for young developers
  • Women in Open Source Camp: A conference focused on improving gender balance in open source communities

Free Trainings

Learn How to Contribute to Open Source

Once again, Open Camps feature a series of free trainings on a variety of open source topics for a range of skill levels. Our trainings offer attendees a chance to learn with their peers in a hands-on setting with practical real-world examples.

This year's trainings will cover a wide range of free open source technologies, including: Android, AI, Drupal, Elixir/Phoenix, Git, NodeJS and many more technologies.

Contribution Sprints

Pay it Forward by Contributing to OSS

In-person contribution sprints are sometimes the most effective (and fun) way to tackle difficult code and community challenges. They also offer great opportunties to get mentored on how to submit patches and work on issues.

We will be running open source contribution sprints and hackathons all week leading up to the conference and every day during the conference.

Talent Fair

Connecting Organizations & OSS Talent

Our anual Talent Mixer brings together fantastic organizations and talented technologists who are looking to connect on interesting and meaningful projects. This event serves as networking opportunity where seekers of talent or opportunities can discuss their needs.

The event is open to conference attendees and and there are also special benefits for Partners attending ((such as tables/swag in the partner pavilion and attendee CVs).

Our Team

Volunteer & Get Involved

Open Camps is run on a not-for-profit basis by a team of over 250+ volunteers from across many open source communities. Our volunteer team and fundraising efforts help to keep Open Camps free to attend and 'open to all'.

We are always in need of more volunteers (no experience needed :), so please reach out to us at info@opencamps.org if you want to get involved.

Thanks to each of our volunteers, all our partners (especially the UN), and the many source community members who help make Open Camps possible.

Our Roadmap

The Best is Yet to Come

Over the last 5 years we've achieved our initial goals making Open Camps one of the largest developer conferences in NYC, and then one of the world's largest open source conferences. Our rationale for these goals, was to establish Open Camps as a platform to help foster open source contribution, collaboration & growth.

For 2017, our focus is on formalizing and implementing best practices. However, once that's achieved, we believe that Open Camps has incredible potential to grow (well over 10,000+ attendees) and have a massively positive impact on open source in the years and decades ahead.


Email is the Best Way to Reach Us

If you have questions or want to get involved, please contact the Open Camps organizing team at info@opencamps.org.

Alternatively, we can also be reached by phone at +1-212-203-8052.

Our mailing address is: Open Camps, 119 West 72nd St., Unit 210, New York, NY, USA, 10023.

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